Welcome to International School of Dumka- Saraiyahat


ISD provides an environment where students can rely on each other while at the same time respecting individual differences.

  • Ecofriendly Infrastructure.
  • Hindustan Olympiad District 1st and 2nd Rank in 2019
  • 1st batch AISSE with 100% result in 2021-22
  • Hindustan Olympiad District 1st and 2nd Rank in 2021
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  • Teacher-Student ration 1:30
  • Well trained dynamic teachers from different places of the country
  • Highly interactive participative activities
  • Emphasis on all round development
  • Play way teaching method
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    The aim of the school is to provide an environment where students can learn about nationalism, equality, discipline and kindness. We teach students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through physical education athletics...

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    Campus Information

    The ISD is unique in that they have evolved out of a philosophy, an idea. It began in 2016 with the awareness that the true meaning of education is yet to be discovered. ISD pioneered several educational child-friendly concepts ahead of time.

    • Value based Education

    • Good Academic Environment

    • Experienced teachers

    • Advanced Smart Class

    • Separate Hostel Facilities

    • Van Facilities for all routes

    • Science based Lifeskill

    • Inhouse competitive activities

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    Our Classes

    Great things don't just happen out of nowhere; they start with the smallest seed.



      • As children transition from elementary to middle school, our curriculum and programs start preparing them for the inevitable difficulties they will experience



      • As children transition from elementary to middle school, our curriculum and programs start preparing them for the inevitable difficulties they will experience


    STD I TO X

    Here at ISD, it's important for us to guide, engage and motivate all of our students from the moment they first step foot onto campus until their last day.

    Campus & Hostel Life

    Hostel Life is a great event that teaches us about the difficulties of life.


    Need To Ask Some Questions Or Check Questions

    At ISD Saraiyahat, we believe in providing our students with an environment that encourages them to explore their potential and develop their skills.

    For students: Learning, growing up, maturing at ease and in an interactive education space where their is a rich variety of choices. For parents: Rest assured that the best possible teaching happens in this safe educational zone and you are an important participant.

  • No junk food and snacks are allowed in hostel.
  • No Cash and costly items along with students allowed in hostel. If they keep those thing without permission , School will not be responsible for theft and damage .
  • Please don’t ask for any subsidies or rebate in any type of fee.
  • You have to deposit the Hostel fee till 30th of the month .In case of delay an amount of Rs 150/- will get charged per week.
  • Parents/ Guardians can visit Hostel on Sundays only.
  • Guardians with the proper visiting card are allowed only to meet the student.
  • For any leave you have to submit an application in office mentioning date and time of arrival.
  • For minor sickness hostel will make a visit to doctor but for major sickness you guardians will get informed.
  • Student have to take care of their belongings.
  • Education has become an essential aspect of living in today's society; we need to broaden our minds about what it means for something to be called educational. Education traditionally meant the acquisition - or gaining - of knowledge; however, this needs to be reevaluated.
    We don't just want to educate them, we want them to embody these values so they can understand the true worth of this life.

    Education in the early years is vitally important for the children to acquire basic skills. It is important that foundations are laid on which future learning can take place. If children are well motivated, enthusiastic, interested and happy then they learn more effectively. We aim to develop these skills in a creative, imaginative and original way.
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    From the Desk Of Management

    Message From The Director

    Amrendra Kumar

    The child is at the heart of a school, giving it meaning and purpose. It is the education of today that will determine if the children of tomorrow will uphold and honor the most important human qualities of compassion, sensitivity and peaceful co-existence.. We pride ourselves in being an institution that provides holistic education for the all-round development of the child, with Excellence in Academics and Excellence in Behavior as our mission. We believe that the school’s curriculum should be meaningful for the learner and suitable for real time application. I welcome you to ISD, a school where educators rededicate themselves every day to prepare lifelong learners!

    From the pen of Advisor

    Kumar Kaushlendra

    Education is not a destination but a journey in itself that turns an entity into a human being which is the biggest need of the time. The core purpose of education is to provide children with a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is endowed with a unique set of attributes and abilities, which needs to be nurtured so that they blossom. Therefore, every child deserves an education that fosters academic excellence and all-round development, and ensures their well-being. Our curriculum has been especially designed to make it inclusive; where physical, emotional and mental needs are equally significant. Unlike the traditional method of teaching, where the focus is on the trainer, our approach is learner- centric. Various orientation workshops are held at regular intervals for teachers to absorb the vision, align with the values and take ownership for our mission and the curriculum.

    Salient Features of International School of Dumka, Saraiyahat.

    Take advantage of our state-of-the-art classrooms, modern laboratories, and comprehensive library resources to get ahead in your studies. With our dedicated faculty and staff, you can be sure that you will receive the best education possible. So come join us at ISD Saraiyahat and start your beautiful and bright future today!

    Good Infrastructure

    ISD Saraiyahat School provides its students with a safe and conducive learning environment that helps them grow academically as well as socially.

    Hostel Facilities

    Hostel facilities at ISD Saraiyahat include comfortable rooms, nutritious meals, recreational activities and 24/7 security.

    Conveyance Facilities

    Well-maintained and reliable Conveyance, with enough vehicles to accommodate the number of students who need transportation.

    Large Playground

    The large playground of the school is a great place for students to have fun and enjoy their free time and to get some exercise.

    Computer Lab

    Computer lab in ISD Saraiyahat is equipped with modern computers and internet access for students to learn and explore.

    Affordable cost

    An affordable fee structure that is designed to make quality education accessible to all students regardless of their financial background.

    Admission Open !

    With immense pleasure and gratitude we announce that, Our school CBSE Std Xth 1st batch got 100% result with topper 93% and 2nd topper 90% marks.

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